Z Best Dining & Entertainment provides you with an exclusive product that no other distributor will have in your market. This product will be provided to you as either a Spring or Fall fundraising program.

Service Provided:
As part of the Z Best Dining & Entertainment distributor program, we provide the following service: sign the merchants, design merchant ads, get final approval of ads from participating merchants, print and ship final product to you.

Support Material:
We at Z Best Dining & Entertainment feel it is very important to help market the product to your groups. For this reason, we provide to you: sales banners, posters, P.O.P displays, order forms for the participants and presale marketing pieces.

Time & Effort:
Unlike others in the discount book business, we will listen to you. We provide you a list of all of the merchants in your market and then allow you to give us your wish list of who you would like to sign. We will make every attempt to sign these and the other top restaurant and entertainment merchants in you market.

We at Z Best Dining & Entertainment feel it is important to know exactly what you are buying. When you agree to sell Z Best Dining & Entertainment in your market, you only pay a small deposit up front to hold the market. Half of the balance is due after you have seen a proof of the signed merchants ads with the remaining due before shipment of the books. The current distributor has first right of refusal each season. Start your market with as few as 5,000 books.

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