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Merchant Program 

Fill out the form, save and email or fax to 916.686.1555

Merchant Program 

How to Participate:

Merchant participation is easy. Z Best Dining & Entertainment gives you the flexibility to design your discount offer to meet the needs of your business. We simply ask that you create an offer that is unique and warrants inclusion in this exciting program.  

No Charge to Participate:

There is never any charge to participate in the program. No invoices, no typesetting or production fees. The only cost to merchants is the expense related to the amount of discount stated on the coupon. Typically, for a restaurateur or retailer that would be the 20%-40% cost related to the discount.

Limited Number of Participating Merchants:

Unlike other coupon publications that encourage customers to visit many merchants (including your competitors), Z Best Dining & Entertainment limits the number of participating merchants.... giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Multiple Customer Visits Build Loyalty:

The Z Best Dining & Entertainment publications are designed to allow customers to become familiar with your business through multiple visits. By doing so, customers develop and change their buying habits, and merchants build a loyal customer base.

The Perfect Full Color Advertising Media:

Most advertising media ask you to spend money up-front in the hopes of attracting customers to your business. This ‘shotgun’ style of promoting is expensive, wasteful and usually cannot be measured effectively. With Z Best Dining & Entertainment, no advertising cost is incurred until a customer actually walks through your door and buys something from you. It’s simple, low cost and it’s effectiveness can be measured immediately.

How Does Z Best Dining & Entertainment Get Their Revenue:

Not from participating merchants! After acquiring merchants discount offers, then typesetting, designing and printing the publication, Z Best Distributes the Discount Coupon Books to a variety of local fundraising groups, including schools, civic organizations, churches, sports teams, etc. Groups then sell the Discount Coupon Books to help raise money to meet their fundraising goals, retaining up to 40% of the proceeds from the sale.

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